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Finding Patterns To Crochet Baby Hats – Keep Size In Mind

March 10, 2013 by admin

Crochet Baby Hats

Crochet Baby Hats

Always bear in mind the speed of the growth of a baby’s head – how long will this hat be utilized? If it is be used in the colder months, it may last one season and then it is time to invest in a new one or home crochet a new one – how much money and time are you willing to spend on this project?

To be honest, hospitals around the world that utilize baby hats use a beanie (to my knowledge anyways) – various sizes for various sizes of babies. Beanies are economical to make and take very little time and effort.

If you are looking for a fancy hat or a designer hat, keep in mind that you may have to find a size chart for the size of a baby’s head and pray that this baby is made to fit those measurements – most babies are not made to those specifications – paper is different from real life!

Sizes of baby’s heads are noted on patterns, but will your babies’ head match the sizes you are looking at and what will you do if the head is not a standard size?

Must this baby hat be lined? What about a special color? Those are all important considerations besides the size of the crocheted baby hat and all these factors deserve the same amount of time when it comes to the finished product.

If you want to crochet this same baby hat, what level of crocheting have you achieved? Have you given any thought at all to this last question or are you going to rush in and do this no matter what?

For myself, I would simply search for a crocheted baby beanie and take it from there. These patterns are usually on a skill level of easy and also very easy to find. I would also be prepared to crochet for a specified number of inches to make sure that it fits the baby at this point in its life. (Alterations are a big part of home crocheting any garment that you want to fit.)

After I have noted all the above considerations, the only hard choice left to make is what color to make this same baby hat in. I would also make this same baby hat in baby yarn, so the colors would be somewhat muted but soft and pliable.

When looking at all the above noted points, is it really worth it to crochet a baby’s hat?

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